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Demonstration of pet oxygen mask

About Wag’N O2 Fur Life

Wag'N O2 Fur Life is an educational and public safety company dedicated to providing pet oxygen masks to first responders across North America. To learn more about the Pet Oxygen Mask Initiative and to find out if your local department already carries this pet life saving equipment visit the Department Database at

Happy Dogs Legacy, founded in June of 2016, is an initiative started by BC pet owners to outfit all fire trucks in the province with pet oxygen mask sets.

Happy Dogs Legacy is an ongoing initiative partnering with Wag’N 02 Fur Life to increase access to this valuable life-saving piece of equipment. 

Pet Oxygen Masks for BC Firehalls Fund

Happy Dogs Legacy

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After a successful first year in 2016 that saw $45,000 raised and 328 pet oxygen masks distributed to BC fire halls, the Happy Dogs Legacy Campaign is pleased to announce a successful second phase of fundraising where an additional $15,000 was raised for 85 more mask sets. A total of $60,000 was raised over two years through generous donations from dog sport clubs, companion animal-focused businesses and individuals from around the province and beyond, which enabled the campaign to provide these mask sets at no cost to each hall/department.

Happy Dogs Legacy was established in June of 2016 after learning that life-saving pet oxygen masks are not a mandatory piece of equipment on every fire truck in BC. Calls began to municipal and volunteer halls to gauge interest and the campaign was met with a very enthusiastic response; with fire districts province-wide expressing interest in receiving the kits.

 “Being able to get these pet oxygen mask sets out and into use on fire trucks is immensely gratifying – we are overwhelmed by the support of the people of BC who have been so generous with their time and funds,” said Happy Dogs Legacy Team Member Elisha McCallum. “Fire departments have shared how happy they are to be getting these kits and are actively training their members in their use, with the support of a network of vets across BC. We are happy to know that first responders will now have access to customized equipment that will help give pets a fighting chance after exposure to smoke and fire.”

 The pet oxygen mask kits were acquired through the Wag’N 02 Fur Life Program’s Pet Oxygen Mask Initiative. Each kit includes a set of three oxygen masks in various sizes, tubing to connect masks to oxygen supply, a training DVD, hints and tips sheet, lead for on scene animal handling, useful reporting forms, laminated instructions, educational materials and pet oxygen masks on board stickers, all inside a carry bag. The pet oxygen masks include a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

 Happy Dogs Legacy Team is in the process of sending all mask sets to fire halls for arrival by the end of October. For more information on which fire halls received masks to date, please see the UPDATES page. Fire halls not on this list seeking mask sets are encouraged to contact Happy Dogs Legacy directly.