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Cheque - please make cheques out to "Happy Dogs" and mail to:

Happy Dogs Legacy Fund

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Many of you have asked us what is next for our campaign, thank you for being patient with us while we have been planning behind the scenes.

First and most importantly, we are still accepting donations! Many in the dog community are holding events and fundraisers leading up to and after the holidays and we will gratefully accept these funds, as we have already gotten nearly 50 new requests for mask sets! Please get in touch with us as to how to do so, as we will be moving away from the fundraiser platform due to too many fees. We will accept cheques, etransfer and PayPal only moving forward. We will not be applying for non profit status as there are too many costs and administration involved that will take away from our ability to buy mask sets, so we are unable to offer tax receipts. 

Our goal for the spring is to raise $15,000 for a minimum of 100 mask sets (to cover duty, taxes and shipping as well with the US exchange). These are specific areas needing masks so we will target fundraising accordingly.


Happy Dogs Legacy